I met a friend and it was so good that I could share with her as she understood the problems of having a disabled brother. My brother goes to hospital a lot. I had so much fun, it was great that I could to Breakaway.
Child 2017
The camp gave my daughter a sense of independence and inner fortitude that she didn't have previously, and she now can do more things on her own. Our family is struggling financially, and as such we cannot do all that we would want to for either of our children. It was something special only for Samantha, allowing her to go places that we can't afford, and allowed her to talk to other kids that have a sibling with a disability, and they understood how she feels, where we as her parents, can't really understand what she feels and thinks, and it also let her know that she's not 'unique' with her feelings. It was a godsend for our family.